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Five and a half months ago, I ran my third marathon. Two months ago, I was running five to six miles a day.  And now? I haven’t run in 39 days under doctor’s orders (not that I’m counting or anything).  Late in February, due to lingering chest soreness exacerbated by the high intensity of running, my doctor told me to stop running until such time as a cardiologist could determine what might be wrong with my heart.  And here we are, the first day of April, and I still know very little about what might be causing the problem. I still am not running, and I still have very few, if any, definitive answers. Just being real, at this stage it is not the idea there might be a problem that I am wrestling with. It’s the notknowing I am fighting with. I know my health in God’s hands, I just find myself more and more praying to know